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How to deal with goodbyes when you're travelling

friends sitting on a stairwell in Toronto

Goodbyes are an inevitable part of the travel lifestyle, and they can be both heart-wrenching and liberating.

Over the years, I’ve experienced countless farewells—from tearful airport separations to small smiles knowing we’d see each other again.

Each one has taught me something about letting go and moving forward. Here's some insights on how to deal with goodbyes when you’re constantly travelling, based on my own journey:

Embrace the Impermanence

Travelling constantly means accepting that nothing is permanent.

This mindset can make goodbyes a little easier to bear. When I left my friends in Thailand after a three-week volunteer adventure, I focused on the joy we shared rather than the sadness of parting.

Embracing impermanence allows you to appreciate each moment for what it is—a unique and fleeting experience.

Create Lasting Memories

Before you part ways, make an effort to create lasting memories.

Plan a special day out, take lots of photos, or exchange meaningful gifts.

Stay Connected

Thanks to technology, staying in touch is easier than ever. Social media, video calls, and messaging apps can help bridge the distance.

I try to catch up with friends I meet in various corners of the world as much as possible. We share updates, reminisce about our adventures, and sometimes even plan future meet-ups.

Staying connected helps soften the blow of goodbye.

Write It Down

Sometimes, writing down your feelings can help process the emotions of saying goodbye.

Keeping a travel journal has been a lifesaver for me.

When I parted ways with a very special group of friends in Tulum, I wrote about our experiences together in my journal and how they impacted me. It turned my sadness into a form of reflection and gratitude.

Plan Reunions

Just because you’re saying goodbye now doesn’t mean it’s forever.

Plan reunions when possible. I’ve reunited with friends in different parts of the world, and those moments of reconnecting are incredibly rewarding.

Knowing there’s a possibility of meeting again can make the goodbye feel less final.

Practice Self-Care

Goodbyes can be emotionally draining, so it’s important to take care of yourself. Allow yourself to grieve the end of a chapter, but also engage in activities that bring you joy and comfort.

After a tough goodbye in Costa Rica, I really took the time to indulge in some much-needed self-care—reading, meditating, and enjoying nature.

Focus on New Beginnings

Every goodbye marks the end of one adventure and the beginning of another. Focus on the new experiences awaiting you.

When I left Toronto after years of living there, I couldn't have been more sad to leave behind the friends and the routine I had built myself, but I was also excited about my upcoming journey to Mexico. Focusing on what lies ahead helps shift your mindset from loss to anticipation.

Keep an Open Heart

Lastly, keep an open heart. Goodbyes are hard, but they’re a testament to the meaningful connections you’ve made. Each farewell enriches your journey and shapes who you are.

Embrace these emotions, and let them fuel your future travels with even more compassion and resilience.

In the end, goodbyes are a part of the beautiful mosaic of travel. And remember, the harder the goodbye, the deeper the connection. There is no loss or grief without love and love is always to be celebrated.

The hard goodbyes teach us about the value of connection, the importance of living in the moment, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us.

So, here’s to all the goodbyes we’ve faced and the many more we’ll encounter—may they always lead to new beginnings and unforgettable adventures.

Much Love,

Lea Club 30.


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